Camp Carton Testimonials

From The Campers

“Thank you for the wonderful memories from the last three years at Camp Carton. Having Tourette’s Syndrome makes me feel unique and special as a person.  Having someone like Craig and all the counselors at CC helps me fight through my challenges and makes me feel really good about myself. “ — M. P.

From our Staff

“When we started Camp Carton more than three years ago, I don’t think I realized the incredible life changing impact Camp Carton would have for children with TS.  Watching these kids have the time of their lives without being judged or made fun of is priceless.  It gives me a tremendous sense of pride to be part of Camp Carton.  I expect our program to grow so we can continue to positively impact more and more children with TS.”  Aimee Skier — Executive Director, Camp Carton
“The impact of camp is lasting. Campers leave feeling a refreshed sense of who they are and what they are capable of. This translates to their day to day lives as more self confidence and a more profound acceptance of their Tourettes.” Karri Wolfe — Camp Director, Camp Carton
“I had not met anyone else with TS until I was 21, so I can speak to the alienation, ignorance, and low self esteem that Camp Carton serves to eliminate. The friendships and confidence that the kids gain at camp is indescribable and invaluable to their growth and to their families understanding of their disorder. Furthermore, the fact that camp is free is the most important aspect of camp. It makes sure that no child with TS is prevented from attending this incredible opportunity and that no family has to worry about whether their child can find support.” — S. D.

From the Parents

“Three cheers for Camp Carton!  It’s so touching for us as parents to receive this remarkable opportunityfor Max. Every member of CC has given him the greatest gift any child can receive, the gift of acceptance.  The greatest challenge for Max (and us) is saying good-bye this summer.” — M. and R.
“Camp Carton provided a great experience for Jillian that she wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise due to her issues. I’m very happy that she was able to “be on her own” for a whole week and think it has made her more confident in herself.  I am truly grateful for that!” — R. B.
“Alvey had a great time at camp!  He said that his favorite things to do was play basketball and gaga ball. 
He can’t wait to come back next year.  The impact that camp had for him was that he got for the first time to meet others that have Tourettes.  It felt good that no one was watching or judging him because of his tics.  We see a difference in him since he has come home.” — A. B. Sr.
“This was Michael’s second year at Camp Carton. There were so many take aways from camp, but I think Camp Carton is a place where Michael feels he can be himself 100% of the time.  And that is a blessing because it takes a lot of energy for him to function otherwise.  This year he came home talking about what Craig Carton talked to them about.  What Craig said really resonated with Michael.  He is now starting to realize that his Tourette Syndrome doesn’t have to get in the way of his success in the future.” — R. S.