Tic Guard Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

“Tyler is doing great! Since he was fitted with the mouth piece, his tics have just about disappeared. He currently uses the mouth piece on an as needed basis. When Tyler’s symptoms were at their worst, there were days that he couldn’t attend school because his tics were so bad. His grades suffered, as well as his self-esteem. Today, Tyler is thriving.” — LF

“Jesse was having tics all day long. As soon as he put the mouthpiece in, the tics almost completely stopped.” — VM

“Tyler continues to do great with the use of the mouthpiece. His tics are minimal when he has the mouthpiece in his mouth. God bless Mr. Carton, Dana and the entire foundation for changing the lives of children and adults, especially my son Tyler.“  — MW

“Samantha is doing amazing and is like a different kid. She very rarely exhibits any motor tics anymore and currently, has not had any vocal tics in months. I cannot thank you enough for all you did to help facilitate her improvement and confidence with her tic disorder.“ — EL



Andrew’s life was changed by the Tic Toc Study. Once a kid who was constantly preoccupied and hindered by his tics, he is now able to participate in every aspect of life to its fullest. He is no longer limited by their physical and social impact. When a child is sick all a parent prays for is magic... this is our magic.” — LH

“Garrett is doing really well!  We are so grateful to have been able to participate in the study.  The device definitely helps lessen the frequency of Garrett’s tics when he wears it.  It’s perfect for times when he may feel more self conscious about his tics, or when he fears his vocal tics will be disruptive.  It has given him a bit more confidence in his daily routine.  Thank you so much! “ — CM

“Evan has done amazingly well with his Tic Guard.  It has truly been a “game changer” for him.  If he is having vocal tics and puts the appliance in, it generally stops the tics within minutes.  The first time my husband and I observed this we were amazed.  It’s not a fluke. Thank you for all of your efforts in funding and advocating for the Tic Guard.  This study has made an amazing difference in our son’s life.” — LS